The lagoon of Grado offers to its visitors priceless views and landscapes.
Join a boat tour and discover the Island of Barbana (a place of pilgrimage) and the Casoni the typical straw huts of the fishermen.
Just east of the lagoon and at about 10 kilometers far from Grado you will find the Valle Cavanata Regional Nature Reserve, which has become the habitat of many different species of birds and a paradise for all the birdwatchers.
The Valle Cavanata Regional Nature Reserve was established under Regional Law n. 42 dated 30th September 1996. The Reserve includes, in addition to Valle Cavanata, also the Averto Canal and the forest belt that surrounds it.
The reserve is located in the eastern part of the lagoon of Grado, which has been dammed, with adjustable locks communicating with the sea and transformed into a fishing valley that operated until 1995.
Valle Cavanata has been recognized as of international value under the Ramsar Convention, in particular as a habitat for waterfowl with excellent potential for stopping and nesting many species of birds. Over 260 species of birds have been reported so far.
Symbol of the Reserve is the wild goose (Anser anser), which was reintroduced in 1984 and since 1987 it reproduces regularly. Today in the Reserve the population of wild goose has a hundred individuals.

Isola della Cona

Freshwater marshes, but also vast salty wetlands, reed beds, woodlands and grasslands: the mouth of the Isonzo Reserve is the ideal habitat for many animal species and, in particular, for resident and migratory birds. Not surprisingly, it has been acknowledged as the best area in Italy for birdwatching. Its heart, the island of Cona which houses the visitor centre, is one of the major educational, scientific and naturalistic sites renowned internationally.​

Spiaggia Costa Azzurra

It is the westernmost beach of the Island, located just in front of the Sunset, known by locals as the "beach vecja", the old beach. In this stretch of beach the bottom drops more quickly than elsewhere, making it possible to swim even without getting far from the shore. Access to this beach is free, however there are concession areas where you can rent deckchairs, sunbeds and umbrellas. Ideal for families with children who find playgrounds here, not only on the beach but also under the trees in the green areas, beach volleyball and five-a-side fields.